Hiding Away Baby Items

    One thing I’ve wanted to avoid since I found out we were having a baby was allowing the house to be taken over by baby “stuff”. I’ve seen it so many times– toys start to take over every room of the house and you find yourself buying the baby version of everything. There’s nothing wrong with this if you don’t mind, but I do mind. I guess I feel like our house is a reflection of us, and I don’t want to feel like my entire identity is about being a mom, if you get what I mean (I hope that doesn’t sound bad). It’s important to nurture yourself and your desires!


    It’s unavoidable that, as your little one grows, you’re going to acquire more things for them. I keep diaper changing supplies in our living room as well as a selection of toys. To keep these things tidied away, I picked up some interesting baskets.  I feel like these add visual interest to the space while helping me keep the room clean. Of course when Winter is playing, there is a blanket and toys on the floor, but after he goes to sleep, it’s easy to throw them in the basket on the right and have a clean space.

    The idea of toy storage in the living room isn’t revolutionary, but I wanted to share that just because you’re storing toys/baby goodies doesn’t mean that the container has to look like it’s for kids. You can choose a solution that’s stylish and works for your space!

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